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April Update

We've been busy working for a number of clients producing some really great software. We would like to thank everyone we've worked with over the past year and are really excited to see how many more great projects we get to complete this year! Here's some interesting info: Since the beginning of last year, we have completed some 11 different mobile app and game projects, a complete game engine and a number of odds and ends. Wow, what a year!

A Little Appreciation Valentine From A Wixel Fan

The Galaxy S III is a great device but it did cause a little issue with one of our games. We are always committed to keeping our games playable as mobile technology moves forward and when we finally fixed the issue on the GS3, a Wixel fan emailed us to tell us that the first word she found was "Done" and then she took a screenshot and put a little valentine's note on it. What a nice little valentine's day surprise!

BatteryTech's New Site

We've finally finished putting together the new BatteryTech support site! There you will find convenient links to the latest downloads, online documentation, support forums, news and more. We're excited to finally have a dedicated spot just for BatteryTech and have plans to add more community features that will allow BatteryTech users to more easily share code, tools and ideas.

BatteryTech SDK and Engine 2.0 Released

After a full year of development, the highly anticipated BatteryTech SDK and Engine 2.0 are now available to the public! Previously, only the SDK was available and only as a purchasable license. Now we have introduced the advanced mobile game engine which we are distributing in runnable binary form for both Windows and OSX under a "free-to-develop" model. Developers can download and start building their new games immediately without purchase. Once they are at the point of needing the native source code in order to make modifications or when they are ready to obtain the original projects for device testing or store deployment, just a one-time license is required and they will have lifetime access. So what's new in the BatteryTech 2.0 suite? Read on for a change list.

FUN-da presents "The Digits: Fraction Blast" for Android and iOS

We are proud to have developed the latest in BatteryTech-powered apps, The Digits: Fraction Blast for FUN-da. Live action video meets awesome interactions in The Digits: Fraction Blast! The Digits is the greatest unknown rock band in the galaxy. This world premiere "Appisode" combines live action video with over a dozen interactions and minigames that help teach about fractions. Join Pavi, Gorgolax, and Ray Ray as they fight the evil Marvwell Doomfinger III who wants to use music to make the galaxy stupider. Blast Asteroids, Play Pavi's Bass Guitar, Hack into the Doomship and Escape from Monsters and Evil Robots. Get awesome achievements drawn by some of the hottest comic book artists: Shannon Wheeler, Ron Chan, Derek Kirk Kim, all while learning a math curriculum designed by a 20 year veteran teacher. Recommended for ages 7 and up. The Digits for iOS, The Digits for Android

Slyon Ball - A modern 3D brick breaker game for Android, iOS and BB10

Slyon Studios presents another BatteryTech-powered 3D game developed in part by BPG, Slyon Ball! Join Slyon and friends on a fun and addictive brick breaking adventure. Smash your way through over 90 levels of excitement. Each level brings new challenges that will have you coming back again and again. With beautiful 3d graphics, simple controls, and lack of violence; Slyon Ball can be enjoyed by nearly all age groups. Updated regularly with fresh new content. iOS Version Android Version

Diesel Pulling Challenge for Android and iOS

In collaboration with Slyon Studios and Touch Screen Promotions, Battery Powered Games is proud to have developed yet another successful mobile racing game, Diesel Pulling Challenge. Featuring trucks from Work Stock all the way to the Pros. Upgrade your truck from all the popular brands to pull further and compete against other players online. This game features a number of modern diesel trucks as well as a wide array of upgrade parts and a tiered leaderboard system using ScoreLoop. Available now for Android and iOS

BatteryTech SDK 2.0 Beta Is Almost Here!

First of all, we'd like to thank all of the early alpha testers for testing and providing feedback on the alpha series of BatteryTech SDK 2.0. Your feedback has been extremely helpful and we've been able to iron out lots of little issues.

We're adding some of the last features for the 2.0 release right now and so here's what is going in that you haven't seen yet:
New Core SDK Features:
* Texture Packer Support for creating automated texture atlases
* Shader preprocessor support with tags
* BlackBerry 10 (Playbook) support

New Game Engine Features:
* Lua-Accessible Particle Emitter w/many tunable parameters

These features should be available in the upcoming Alpha 5 and following that, we'll be working on tightening the screws as we go through a short series of beta releases and on to the final release.

BatteryTech SDK 2.0 Alpha Preview is available!

We just hit a major milestone today for all of the BatteryTech SDK licensees! We have made the 2.0 Alpha 1 source along with 3 demo projects available in the private BatteryTech forums. We're looking for feedback and working hard on improving documentation and fixing any issues you come across, so please post in the private forums if you come across anything as we work toward BatteryTech SDK 2.0 final!

Example Projects:
Hello World = A most simplistic graphical "Hello World" for all platforms using OpenGL
Box2D Demo = A bunch of smilies rolling around in your window
BatteryTech Lua Engine = 2D/3D Lua-integrated cross-platform game engine

Presenting: Slyon Street Tuner

In their first of several new game releases, Slyon Studios LLC worked with BPG for another great BatteryTech-powered creation to bring you the latest in 3D Drag Racing: Slyon Street Tuner. Choose from over 20 different vehicles and tune them up with no less than one metric ton of upgrades. Race to beat the various classes of events and challenge your friends with the OpenFeint-powered leaderboard. Now available on Android and iOS.

Download at:
Android -
iOS -

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