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Introducing: NSCRA Tuner Challenge 2K12

BPG is proud to have worked with P2R Power Rev Racing for their release of NSCRA Tuner Challenge 2K12, now available on Android and iOS. This BatteryTech-based game features overhead 2D sub-compact car drag racing action, just like the real thing. Players can choose from a myriad of upgrade options and tune their cars in an effort to place on the OpenFeint-powered leaderboards.

This game is free and can be found at:
Android -

BatteryTech Bleeps Multi-Device Demo

BatteryTech Bleeps Multi-Device Demo

This image shows our latest dev build of The Bleeps running on Windows, Android (on a Samsung Galaxy S phone), an iPod Touch 32GB (3rd generation), OSX, iPad Simulator and a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Android Tablet.

The game uses BatteryTech, Bullet Physics, Lua and full OpenGL ES 2.0 rendering which runs at a full framerate of 60FPS on all of the above devices.

Our Newest BatteryTech-Based Creation

Here is a video showing our newest BatteryTech-based physics game engine which we've developed for our upcoming game, "The Bleeps"

Breaking The Four-Million Download Mark

Wow! It has been an incredible couple of years for us. At some point in the last month, we broke the 4 million download mark (As of right now we're a hair over 4.1 million) total downloads of our original Android games! Thanks to everyone who has downloaded and played one of our games. We are working very hard on our newest games which will be available for iPhone, iPad, Android and later on PC, Mac and Linux! We are also hard at working developing top-quality games for our clients. If you are in need of game development, please contact us! We'd love to hear from you!

Positions Filled

Update 6/11/2011 - The positions have been filled. Thank you so much for all of your replies!

Battery Powered Games is looking to fill the following positions:

Game Developer (programmer/integrator) Contract - Telecommuting only, USA residence required. Strong C/C++ skills required plus multilingual experience with Java, Objective C, scripting languages, etc. Well-rounded programmer preferred with proven track record of successful game development and client-facing consulting skills. This is not a full time position but is for a subcontractor. Rate negotiable - dependent on experience.

Sales and Marketing Associate - Commission-based sales of in-demand technology in a rapidly growing market. Must have a solid working knowledge of technology, basic game development processes and software platforms. Software sales experience preferred.

If you are interested in either these positions, please contact us.

Google IO 2011

Currently on our way to Google IO 2011. If you're attending and would like to meet up and chat during the conference, please contact us!

BatteryTech v1.1 is now available

We are happy to announce that BatteryTech v1.1 is now available to all existing and new licensees. Overall, v1.1 brings better support for 3D games with integrated math, better shader support and the first of many stock 3D file format importers. The upgrade is free for existing BatteryTech licensees. Files are available in the private BatteryTech forum.

We've also released the source code for Bullet-integrated 3D physics and shader rendering in the BatteryTech forum. The code is compatible with BatteryTech v1.1c and is also free to use for licensees.

BatteryTech - Cross-Platform Mobile Game Development Made Easy

We are very excited to announce our first major product for game and high performance app developers. BatteryTech is a platform-abstraction framework enabling developers to write native app and game code using Windows or Mac and deploy directly to Android and iOS devices without any clunky middleware. Indie developer licensing is available. Check out the BatteryTech product page for more info!

Deadly Chambers HD is now available!

After seeing what the new phones and tablets could do with graphics, we decided to refresh Deadly Chambers and produce a High Definition version! This looks beautiful and runs smooth as silk on the Galaxy S, Galaxy Tab and other new devices.

Here's a link to it from the Android market website:

Deadly Chambers 1.0 Final and Antigen v1.1

It's been a busy month for Battery Powered Games. In the last 2 weeks we finally were able to release both Deadly Chambers v1.0 final and Antigen v1.1. Deadly Chambers supports nearly all Android phones available today. It is designed to take advantage of the more advanced chips of the second and third generation of devices but be able to fall back on the first generation chips. While everyone will be able to enjoy the game, those of you with a Droid / Droid X, Nexus One, Incredible, EVO, Galaxy S, or other high end smartphone will be able to run the game with high quality settings on for really astonishing graphics.

Antigen v1.1 brings to the table 6 methods of input: Tilt, "Anywhere Joystick," "Virtual Joystick," Trackball, Keyboard and Zeemote JS1 support. The game is much more accessible now to a wide range of players and now you can play it how you want to.