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Antigen v1.0 Released!

We're proud to announce our first full-featured game release in over 6 months: Antigen!

Antigen is unique attack-oriented puzzle game with a strategic twist on scoring. The game takes on a biological theme plotting a sole antibody against a full-blown antigen invasion. Play the free version of Antigen or upgrade to Antigen: Outbreak for more levels, powerups, and achievements.

Check out the Antigen product page for more info.

Wixel and Wixel Lite v1.2 Released

Due to popular demand (and nearly every comment on the game in the past year asking for it), we added a new word list to Wixel. The new list, "US Standard," contains around 80,000 entries and is a fairly comprehensive and standard list of US words. Just like the previous word list, it does not contain proper nouns like "Miami" or "Theodore." The word list is now default but is optional to use. The previous word list is called "US+UK Pro" and is still available in the game.

Online players - If you already have a Wixel online account, you will be defaulted to US+UK Pro. If you want to switch to US Standard, just click on "Edit Profile" and change to that word list. Whichever word list you pick is the one that games will be created with and is also what other players of your games must have selected to be able to be added to that game.

Please report any problems to us. We hope you enjoy the new feature!

1,000,000 downloads and counting!

I just checked our market stats this morning and after adding up all of the free and paid downloads for all of our games combined, we're just over one million!

Thanks to everyone who has downloaded and played or purchased our games. We couldn't have done it without you!

We're still hard at work on new titles so stay tuned!

Battery Powered Games needs test devices!

We're trying very hard to make sure that every game we publish is bug-free and working optimally on every Android device. Unfortunately, there are many different devices out now and each one is quite expensive without a 2 year contract. We test on what we can but we're currently in need of the following devices:

High Priority:
Motorola Milestone
Samsung Galaxy
Motorola Cliq
T-Mobile Pulse

Low Priority (but still useful):
HTC Droid Eris (Verizon)
HTC Hero (Sprint Hero)
HTC Magic (T-Mobile MyTouch)

We're looking for device donors - special people who care about the quality of their mobile games on a variety of devices.

Device donors get:
A Battery Powered Games T-Shirt in their preferred size
A free copy of every existing and new game under Battery Powered Games distribution for 2 years
Exclusive access to new and unreleased games and development snapshots
A big thank-you message posted from us on all of our communication channels.

Please use the contact form to discuss a donation with us.

Digipen Podcast on Android Game Development

Host Omaha Sternberg talks with Robert Green of Battery Powered Games and Derek James of Polyclef Software about the basics of Android Game development; using the SDK, graphics and sound work, resources available, and the Android Marketplace.

Happy Halloween!

I made a special jack-o-lantern this year.

Battery Powered Games Jack-o-lanternBattery Powered Games Jack-o-lantern

Light Racer and Light Racer 3D Updated

Today we released Light Racer v2.0d and Light Racer 3D v1.2a. These updates were primary to fix issues with the new Hero phone but we also managed to squeeze a few more fixes in for each game. Details below.

Light Racer v2.0d changelog:
Fixed app name and icon on Hero
Fixed font

Light Racer 3D v1.2a changelog:
Fixed app name and icon on Hero
Sharpened walls
Made trail visible from directly behind

Light Racer 3D v1.2 Released

We're proud to announce another big update for Light Racer 3D! Version 1.2 is now available on the Android market and includes some substantial improvements. Amongst the changes are major graphics improvements, less overall CPU use, less lag and several bug fixes.

Here's a new demo video featuring v1.2:

Wixel v1.1g Released

We are happy to announce that Wixel and Wixel Lite v1.1g are currently available on the Android market.

This update includes touch-slide input improvements, resulting in more accuracy during fast slide word input. The previous version was 1.1.6 but this version is changing the game over to our new version naming system.

Enjoy the update!

New demo video of Light Racer 3D v1.1

Here's a video of Light Racer 3D v1.1 played on a T-Mobile G1 phone.

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