BatteryTech SDK 2.0 Beta Is Almost Here!

First of all, we'd like to thank all of the early alpha testers for testing and providing feedback on the alpha series of BatteryTech SDK 2.0. Your feedback has been extremely helpful and we've been able to iron out lots of little issues.

We're adding some of the last features for the 2.0 release right now and so here's what is going in that you haven't seen yet:
New Core SDK Features:
* Texture Packer Support for creating automated texture atlases
* Shader preprocessor support with tags
* BlackBerry 10 (Playbook) support

New Game Engine Features:
* Lua-Accessible Particle Emitter w/many tunable parameters

These features should be available in the upcoming Alpha 5 and following that, we'll be working on tightening the screws as we go through a short series of beta releases and on to the final release.