BatteryTech SDK and Engine 2.0 Released

After a full year of development, the highly anticipated BatteryTech SDK and Engine 2.0 are now available to the public! Previously, only the SDK was available and only as a purchasable license. Now we have introduced the advanced mobile game engine which we are distributing in runnable binary form for both Windows and OSX under a "free-to-develop" model. Developers can download and start building their new games immediately without purchase. Once they are at the point of needing the native source code in order to make modifications or when they are ready to obtain the original projects for device testing or store deployment, just a one-time license is required and they will have lifetime access. So what's new in the BatteryTech 2.0 suite? Read on for a change list.

Changes from v1.1d (the last 1.x release):

  • 100s of bug fixes
  • Managed Shader System
  • New high performance 2D batch rendering
  • Automated texture atlas support via Texture Packer
  • High performance BAI file support with conversion tool
  • Real time shadows on devices using modern shadowmap
  • Improved lighting, per-pixel support
  • Full Box2D integration in Engine
  • Improved storage system support
  • BMFont support
  • Point light and map-import support
  • Improved render item configuration
  • New 2D and 3D demos
  • Multi-mesh animation support
  • Improved 3D material support
  • Many new functions introduced to Lua
  • Improved 2D projection configuraiton
  • Improved texture parameterization
  • More global configuration options
  • Improved hook systems
  • Decoupled app from core library
  • Support for OpenGL context preservation on Android
  • Support for iOS 5.1 and 6.0
  • Support for multiple-location assets
  • Extensive Engine documentation
  • Many more!