Battery Powered Games needs test devices!

We're trying very hard to make sure that every game we publish is bug-free and working optimally on every Android device. Unfortunately, there are many different devices out now and each one is quite expensive without a 2 year contract. We test on what we can but we're currently in need of the following devices:

High Priority:
Motorola Milestone
Samsung Galaxy
Motorola Cliq
T-Mobile Pulse

Low Priority (but still useful):
HTC Droid Eris (Verizon)
HTC Hero (Sprint Hero)
HTC Magic (T-Mobile MyTouch)

We're looking for device donors - special people who care about the quality of their mobile games on a variety of devices.

Device donors get:
A Battery Powered Games T-Shirt in their preferred size
A free copy of every existing and new game under Battery Powered Games distribution for 2 years
Exclusive access to new and unreleased games and development snapshots
A big thank-you message posted from us on all of our communication channels.

Please use the contact form to discuss a donation with us.

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testing platform

I have the Samsung Galaxy S and would be willing to test games. Email above.


i can colaborate

i can colaborate. i haver a htc hero. If you are interested, contact with me.

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