Antigen is a unique attack-oriented puzzle game with a strategic twist on scoring.

Antigen Story Mode Level 1Antigen Story Mode Level 1
Antigen Survivor ModeAntigen Survivor Mode
Antigen Outbreak Main MenuAntigen Outbreak Main Menu


Story Mode with a Boss Fight
Survivor Mode - Classic endless arcade score-as-high-as-you-can
4 Difficulties (Easy, Normal, Hard, Extreme)
Special 45-degree rotation mode for the extreme difficulty
3 Power-Ups (Autospin, Molecule Gravity and Strength)
Multitouch when available with single-touch fallback
OpenGL hardware acceleration when available with normal graphics fallback
Full music and sound

What's so great about Antigen?

Antigen starts off simple for new players, just letting them get used to the control system and the audio/visual cues. Once a player is adept at the controls and is able to ramp up antigens in the "hard" difficulty, the game provides a carefully tuned balance of big scoring combos and raw survival skills. Learning how to stagger the collection of multipliers while managing the harder Antigens is the key to success.

Want More? Check out Antigen: Outbreak

Outbreak features:
4 more levels of story mode with new art and music
2 new powerups - Speed boost and Antigen freeze
Leaderboard score submissions
Ad-Free menus
Hours of entertainment!

Antigen supports Android 1.5 and newer.

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