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Wixel is a letter-mixer word game for Android devices.
Wixel was formerly called Wuzzle but was recently renamed.

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Find words by connecting the letters on 16 and 25 letter game boards in this word-puzzle game. Wixel is a game enjoyed by many but designed with the word puzzle game enthusiast in-mind. How did we get a 180,000 word dictionary, great graphics, sound assistance and internet multi-player all packed into a game that takes up barely over 1MB on your mobile phone? It wasn't easy, but making the best of any kind of game never is.

Many people often don't realize that the word lists used in word games often take up several megabytes of space and can be very slow to load in to the game. Wixel sacrifices nothing when it comes to speed and accuracy. Its word list is accurate to .002% and it loads lightning quick. You'll never miss a beat or get frustrated because your game can't keep up with you.

This game is optimized for speed players. You can touch each letter separately and submit the word. You can slide your fingers across each letter and the word will automatically submit when you lift up. You can pop open the keyboard and type it out if you like. No matter what your preferred mode of play is, Wixel works.

If you're the type of person who really enjoys a challenge, Wixel has something no one else has ever done before. It's called Progressive mode play. Progressive play works by first closing all of the letter tiles except just enough to make a few words. The game will show you how many words you have left before the next tile or tiles will open up. "3LW: 2" means "Two three-letter words remaining". Once you find all the words, the next tile opens up and the counters show you how many you have to go again. It's extremely difficult and you must have a great vocabulary to play it. Advanced players love it.

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Do you enjoy playing games online? Wixel has that too. Track your statistics online and watch your rank climb as you play and improve. Challenge your friends or top players. You'll find that Wixel's online game system is quite comprehensive.

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Now that you've seen what Wixel is all about, why don't you give it a try? Wixel Lite has every feature but without the online play. If you want to play online or just support my games, the full version of Wixel is only $1.99 and gives you unlimited upgrades and internet play.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Why does Wixel sometimes show missed words that are clearly not real words?


The original 180,000 word list needed to be compressed to save space and to make Wixel fast at loading game boards. In order to do that, a mathematical storage algorithm was used that has the side effect of making up a false word at a rate of about 1 in 5000 letter combinations. Measures were used to reduce the false words as much as possible but unfortunately, they still exist.

This side-effect impacts all players equally so no one is at any more of an advantage than anyone else for scoring. The fact of the matter is that without this particular storage algorithm, Wixel would take up nearly 4MB on the phone and would be about 10 times slower at loading.

We are looking at ways to improve the accuracy for future versions.

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