Light Racer 3D

Light Racer 3D

I have a Pandigital Novel, black.
Android 1.5 with latest PD firmware.
Installed Light Racer 3D and can not get past the Play Solo menu.
Whatever I select, it comes back to the Play Solo menu.
I can hear some of the music for the game, but it immediately goes back to the menu.

Light Racer and Light Racer 3D Updated

Today we released Light Racer v2.0d and Light Racer 3D v1.2a. These updates were primary to fix issues with the new Hero phone but we also managed to squeeze a few more fixes in for each game. Details below.

Light Racer v2.0d changelog:
Fixed app name and icon on Hero
Fixed font

Light Racer 3D v1.2a changelog:
Fixed app name and icon on Hero
Sharpened walls
Made trail visible from directly behind

Light Racer 3D v1.2 Released

We're proud to announce another big update for Light Racer 3D! Version 1.2 is now available on the Android market and includes some substantial improvements. Amongst the changes are major graphics improvements, less overall CPU use, less lag and several bug fixes.

Here's a new demo video featuring v1.2:

New demo video of Light Racer 3D v1.1

Here's a video of Light Racer 3D v1.1 played on a T-Mobile G1 phone.

Light Racer 3D v1.1a Released

A stability update for Light Racer 3D has been released to the Android market.

This update fixes a bug with the game freezing on certain levels with sound on.

Light Racer 3D v1.1 Released

We're proud to announce that Light Racer 3D v1.1 has been released to the Android market.

This is a fairly big update which fixes many bugs, improves performance and has better graphics than v1.0.


Fixed Bug - Game runs inifinite loop when should be a no-winner result
Forced perspective correction for all platforms (fixes problems with arena floor and walls)
4 Perspectives - 1st w/hud, close 3rd (default), medium 3rd, far 3rd
Fixed explosion alpha drawing
Arena floor and wall textures changed

Light Racer 3D v1.0 Submitted to the ADC2

We're proud to announce that after many tireless hours of work, we have completed Light Racer 3D v1.0 and have submitted a trial version to the Android Developer Challenge 2 ( We're very happy with how the game turned out and are excited to receive feedback on it. We're planning a point release very soon which will fix any initial problems we find and hopefully increase performance and reliability of the game.

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