A Little Appreciation Valentine From A Wixel Fan

The Galaxy S III is a great device but it did cause a little issue with one of our games. We are always committed to keeping our games playable as mobile technology moves forward and when we finally fixed the issue on the GS3, a Wixel fan emailed us to tell us that the first word she found was "Done" and then she took a screenshot and put a little valentine's note on it. What a nice little valentine's day surprise!

Untimed Wixel?


I'd really like the option to play Wixel without the time limit, just to see how many words I can get. Any chance of adding this as an option?


Wixel and Wixel Lite v1.2 Released

Due to popular demand (and nearly every comment on the game in the past year asking for it), we added a new word list to Wixel. The new list, "US Standard," contains around 80,000 entries and is a fairly comprehensive and standard list of US words. Just like the previous word list, it does not contain proper nouns like "Miami" or "Theodore." The word list is now default but is optional to use. The previous word list is called "US+UK Pro" and is still available in the game.

Online players - If you already have a Wixel online account, you will be defaulted to US+UK Pro. If you want to switch to US Standard, just click on "Edit Profile" and change to that word list. Whichever word list you pick is the one that games will be created with and is also what other players of your games must have selected to be able to be added to that game.

Please report any problems to us. We hope you enjoy the new feature!

Wixel v1.1g Released

We are happy to announce that Wixel and Wixel Lite v1.1g are currently available on the Android market.

This update includes touch-slide input improvements, resulting in more accuracy during fast slide word input. The previous version was 1.1.6 but this version is changing the game over to our new version naming system.

Enjoy the update!

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